Executive Message

It’s my love that I would like to share my Testimony and our Organizational goals to save souls and preach the gospel and serve the suffering humanity to you all!

I am Evangelist Dilawar Masih I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as My personal savior in very early age when I had my eyesight but in the age of 18 in an accident I lost my eyesight and since that time I am totally blind but God blessed me and empowered me to serve the suffering humanity and especially the Christian community in Pakistan. Those have been facing great persecution in all sects of life and facing the forced conversion in small towns and rural areas of Pakistan. God blessed me the burden to become the voice of voiceless and help to helpless and those are down trodden that time some people those were praying along with us for this God vision and bless me the name of an Organization Titled NICE “National Initiative for Community Empowerment” and then God empowered me to start the Religious based Ministry and God Tilted it SLAMTI  which is our Organization NICE  religious project  which Focused on religious education as well preaching the gospel of our savior Lord Jesus Christ and reach to lost and find them and bring them to the cross way.

Your brother in Christ

Evangelist Dilawar Masih