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Reaching Preaching the words of God to suffering humanity restore people’s lives in Jesus name!


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NICE Organization and Ministries National Initiative for Community Empowerment is Christian faith based organization and Ministry dedicated to glorify His name who saved us through His blood and love on the cross. Lord Jesus Christ is always in our all activities and continues to holistic approach, We wish and praying individuals to get involved along with us in the Holy Mission to reach to the lost and find them and bring them into the light of our savior Lord Jesus Christ! Amen Join hands to hand with us your little support can make everything possible in Jesus Glorious and victorious name. You can share your love through this

NICE Organization

Bank account UBL Bank

( IBAN: PK 88UNIL0109000220025469)


Head Office Pakistan

St. No. 09/ -D – Block Barkat Pura Faisalabad Pakistan

Postal Code 38000

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